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Best Children's Books

A new entertainment phenomenon has joined the world’s top fiction choices for children. Rockford's Rock Opera is simply the most original audio adventure book you'll ever find. An ecological musical story. Just click on the play buttons below and hear for yourself (Part One – 52 minutes is FREE!). Compare the experience with other children's entertainment – literature, textbooks, even colouring books – and you simply won't find anything else like it.

You also won't find anything similar in any bookstore or from other publishers. Rockford's Rock Opera is a unique experience for all children.

Best Selling Children’s Books

Every year new children's literature reviews are published. Different reviewers obviously have different opinions but ultimately it's the kids who decide what's hot and what's not, the lowest and the highest choices.

Of course, the classics are always on the lists – Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, The Narnia Books and, more recently, Alex Rider, Tracey Beaker, Philip Pulman's His Dark Materials and, of course, the daddy of them all, Harry Potter.

Future Best Children's Books

But as technology moves on and the Internet reaches a younger and younger audience, new types of entertainment and new forms of publishing are coming to prominence. Influenced by computer games and interactive learning environments (ILEs), and made possible by the incredible rise in the power of computer processing, multi media adventures in sound and music like Rockford's Rock Opera are revolutionising children's entertainment.

Listening is a vital part of learning and reading along to an audio story is a wonderful way for kids to learn to recognise words, grammar and punctuation.

This is also award winning edutainment, packed with facts, positive messages and ideas. (We're not talking a X money making child’s US musical like High School Musical 3, 2, 1 here!)

In years to come the best children's books will be audiobooks. There won't simply be best children’s literature lists, they'll be audio adventure charts and as younger and younger children use iPods and mp3 players, more and more young people will discover the wonder of sound.

Part One of Rockford's Rock Opera (over 50 minutes of narration and music) is available as a free audio book.

Simply click below and discover the future of top children's books.

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