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Rockford's Rock Opera is an amazing adventure in sound for adults and children.
Part One of the story (six chapters: 52 minutes) is free! It features narration, read along text, characters,
sound effects and music and is available as a free mp3 download and an audio stream. Great to listen to on
your computer, your ipod or burnt onto CD, this is a free audiobook like no other. The website also contains
useful background information about the story (including key information and free downloadable teaching
resources about extinction and ecology), how the story was made and the facts behind the fiction.

Suitable for all ages.

Book on CD

Once you've sampled the story, you can buy it as an unabridged book on compact disc, together with illustrations and animated
digital videos. Rockford's Rock Opera is more than an electronic book, it's a Musical Story about animals and an adventure
about life on earth. It's an original tale about extinction, but it's also a story of hope. Created by Sweetapple and scripted by
comedian and writer, Steve Punt, Rockford's Rock Opera’s book on CD is funny, thoughtful, magical and like nothing you'll ever
have experienced before. Also, included are useful free Lesson Plans for teachers. Just press play to enjoy it online,
click for Free Downloads - as an mp3 or iPod Story – then visit the shop to buy the specially enhanced discs that come with
24 page colour books, illustrations and videos. Truly a collectors audiobook on CD.

Child Audio Book

Much more than an adventure story, with animated videos, amazing sound effects and music,
this is a children's talking book like no other, available in a variety of easy-to-enjoy formats. It's great for adults too
and includes our own audiobook blog. Perfect for learning, great for storytelling in the classroom or for a wonderful,
relaxing bedtime story treat, Rockford's Rock Opera is first in a new generation of best children's books.
From the very young to older kids and adults, you'll never have heard anything like this before. Edutainment at its
very best for parents, teachers and especially, children!


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